Mandom - Gatsby Nose Pore Clear Pack 10 sheets

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Brand from Japan: Mandom

pliBlack pore pack to enhance visual of blackhead removal effect-removed blackheads can now be seen clearly

pliAll-new 3 step formula for enhanced blackhead removal

pliEnhanced design to ensure greater fit for nose, allowing more effective cleansing

pliImproved ingredients for greater penetration of pores for more thorough cleansing

pliDie cut on the nose bridge to reach uneven areas which are hard to clean

pliHow to Use: pliThoroughly wet area around the nose with water

pliAfter drying your hands, remove invisible film on pack

Affix pore pack onto the nose slowly, from the nose bridge onwards

Press down to ensure all parts of the nose are fully covered

pliThe pore pack will stiffen after 10-15 minutes

pliSlowly remove pack from the sides onwards

pliRecommended usage is once a week (ensure nose is not sweaty before use)

pliPack Size - 10 sheets

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